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Rajesh & Jyoti
08 April 2018
My parents started their search of a Perfect bride for me. We received request from many families but none of them were appropriate match for me. Then one day I came across Miss. Jyoti profile on I was a non paid member but my wife was a paid member her brother sent me request and I accepted and next day he called me and gave me his sister's mobile number and then I called her and finally mutual communication started between two families. The bride family decided to meet us face to face so I took two days leave from my office and went India for meeting on her birthday 20th April 2017. I am a south Indian she is a typical north Indian but after the meeting both the families liked each other and decided to fix our engagement on 11th July 2017 and finally we got married on 12th July 2017. For this blessed gift we would always be thankful to