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Ancelin & Binoj
31 March 2013
Our Story.. "It wasnt by chance we met...It was God's plan we accept " Just like any other guy, i registered my profile on i found Ancelin's profile, n i just dont know how it popped out, out of all the filtered criterias. I feel this was God's plan to meet my soulmate, i dont know how and why this girl's profile was always making me feel so good and there was always a positive vibe i felt in her profile and her smile always made me go crazy for her. Thanks to I dont believe in Love at first sight but here I guess I should admit the fact that it does exist...i was in love with her from the moment I saw her profile...even after thousands of interests she recieved, let me tell u i was the lucky one ;) and im proud of it.... It was in no time that we fell for each other.I loved the way she thinks ,the way she speaks,the way she smiles ...oh god.. cupid struck me at the right place :) and guess what she ahs the most amazing smile. Anyway, who wouldnt want to be with the most charming and loving Girl who loves you to death and makes you feel special in every possible way...... She is my life,ma soul,ma bride...and she is the best thing that could ever happen to me. Thanks a ton for helping me find my soul mate, without you guys are story would have been incomplete. Regards, Binoj and Ancelin